Fashionable, Trendy And Affordable Earrings

Jewellery is the best pals of every woman. Be it bracelets or earrings, they always add to the beauty of a woman. Among all the jewelries that are available these days in online stores, earrings are definitely the most widely sought after ones. The price range of these items range from absolutely affordable to little expensive. It all depends on what design and quality you are looking for.


Nevertheless, in today’s fashionable world, it is better to purchase costume jewellery that is less expensive as you can wear them safely without any concern of theft. Also, this way you can add more accessories to your wardrobe. So in all, you will also have to feel less worried about them. You don’t have to care about their durability or fear losing them. This is the reason why more and more girls these days prefer fashionable earrings that come in a wide array of designs at amazingly affordable prices. Craftsvilla is one such online store where you can purchase such earrings and look very fashionable all the time.

Buy trendy earrings 

Following the latest trend is something we all like and being updated about the latest trends in beauty accessories is required to keep up with the changing times.  Without spending tons of money on clothes, accessories allow us to look different all the time. In this regard, you can consider the below mentioned tips for purchasing the right pair of earring from a reputed online stores like Craftsvilla.

  • Colour- A lot of women prefer vibrant colours when it comes to purchasing fashionable earrings. However, if you go with neutral colours then the usability of earrings increases by manifolds. Clear crystals and neutral colours can go well with almost all types of dresses and all sorts of colours. Neutral colours save you a lot anxiety regarding their colour complementing your dress. You can wear them for a party and even for shopping.
  • Tribal- Ear rings featuring tribal designs are quite in vogue these days. Rich texture of these ear rings make them really attractive, and they can easily match with the traditional attires. If you browse through the assortment of earrings in Craftsvilla, you will be amazed to see the intricate but beautiful designs of earrings they showcase. Most of them are available in copper colour, which can make you look absolutely beautiful.
  • Pearl- If you want something that can go well with special outfits, particularly with traditional wears like salwar suits and kurtis then earrings featuring pearls are the best options to go with. These days, synthetic or artificial pearls are widely available, and manufacturers of jewellery items are using them to come up with beautiful earrings. Such pearl earrings do not cost much, and render a classy look to the wearer. Craftsvilla has some of the best collections of pearl earrings; check them out!



Apart from them, you can also purchase earrings made from artificial stones and beads. They have chand balis, terracotta earrings, stud earrings, jhumkas and more. They are affordable and hence can be used on a regular basis. The fashionable earrings are creative in terms of appearance and use of innovative materials. This is the reason why these jewellery items have turned out to be so much popular especially among college going girls.

As a word of caution, before purchasing fashionable ear rings, you must make sure that your skin is not allergic to the material of the item. Also, you must clean the pin of the ear rings before inserting them.  Check out the huge range of fashionable earrings at Craftsvilla and stay beautiful.


How To Choose The Right Blouse Pattern For Your Body Type!!

Though saree is a six yard cloth, the impression that it leaves when draped beautifully is everlasting. Saree is one such stunning Indian outfit that has made women all over the globe fall in love with it, not just Indian women. It is an attire that has the ability to redefine a person. A saree is worn with a matching blouse.




We live in a world where fashion keeps giving people surprises and this does not exclude the designs of saree blouses. A few years ago, blouse patterns did not have much importance. Though a blouse has always been an important part of wearing a saree, its style was not given too much attention. These days blouses get all the attention. Today, you can see so many blouse designs with unique styles all different from each other.

You might get to see a wonderful blouse with a very trendy look that makes heads turn and take note of the stunning woman. Though this is true, it does not necessarily mean that the style of the blouse she is wearing will suit you too. You need to know what kind of blouse pattern will suit your body shape. Let us consider a few points to know to determine a perfect blouse according to your body shape.

Round neck blouse, V neck blouse, or square neck blouse patterns are the most common designs of blouses that has been in vogue for many many years. These types of blouses are the best for women who are curvaceous. These designs have been much sought after for decades and give a simple look and can yet make one feel elegant.

Women with broad shoulders and a broad body shape can choose to have a blouse that has full sleeves. It covers up the arm fully and also makes the person look slimmer around the shoulders. A closed back neck blouse helps cover up the back and also the shoulders helping the woman appear a little slender.

Someone with an athletic frame can chose any blouse pattern. A perfect slim athletic body would appear gorgeous no matter what style the blouse is, be it high neck, V neck, boat shape or anything else. Just name it and it will fit you perfect.

Halter neck blouse pattern can go for a not too fat and not too slim body. It can complement very well with crepe or any soft material saree with traditional looks while the blouse can take the modern design.

Women who are plus size should avoid embroidered blouse as it might invite unwanted attention and make one feel uncomfortable. There are choices of covering back with a Chinese collared blouse can make you look just right. A high neck blouse pattern can add up to your height and can make you look slim. Avoiding heavy jewellery with these types of blouses would be better.

Blouses with 3/4th sleeves are also a great trend and can match all types of body frames. If you have a tall figure then these blouse patterns will be a perfect match. For occasional wears, a backless blouse pattern with suitable sleeve lengths will make a great difference.

No matter what body type you have, slim, athlete, plump, broad shoulders etc. choosing a right blouse pattern for your body type is not too difficult when you choose to buy from Craftsvilla. This website stocks blouses with stunning designs in many materials at affordable price range. Visit Craftsvilla and get smart blouse designs for a price that will make you shop for more.